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We do video
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Team Work
Much more than a man and his tools.
Digging Deep
To put you on top, we first must have a clear understanding of your competition.

Empowering your brand with motion.

Yep, that’s what we do.


The world is ever evolving and marketing strategies have changed in a big way. Video production is a strategic element that empowers our client’s marketing strategy and brand. Camera Head Media believes rules can be bent and bars can be raised. Let’s add life to your identity and let your competition play the game of catch up.

We find ourselves in some of the most incredibly exciting situations. Perhaps we enjoy nippy fingers, sore backs and occasionally dangling out the door of a perfectly good aircraft, but these things are just part of why we love what we do. It’s the little things that bring out the most in our projects. ;)

We Fully Engage

With our "Heart, Mind and Creativity".

We Listen

To your every word. Because it's your vision, we just give it a heartbeat.

We Define Your Industry

Knowing your competetion is the key to standing above them. That's what we do.

We Create

The ideas will flow and the HOORAYS will follow.

Affordable Solutions

We choreograph your project to your budget.


We were built on referrals and we want to keep it that way. We back our brand with the promise of quality and excellence.

Comprehensive Experience

Brand "A" is unlike brand "B" and we capitilize on that.

Fancy Cameras?

Yep, and they have plenty of scratches, cause we get down and dirty. :)

Collective Team Effort

No one stands alone because teams build magic.

Most Importantly

We are madly in love with what we do.


The people we work with, the smiles they bring, and the hearts that we touch.
It's the reason we wake up so darn early.

A team is made up of an army, a rafter, a herd, a gaggle, right?

Our team, or your team for that matter, has been creating some of the most exclusive visualizations across the US for nearly a decade. We work together to build happy clients, because happy clients bring happy smiles to their customers. It’s pretty simple really. We revel in any temperature and terrain, rain, snow or shine. It’s the experience that we thrive on and the reality we create. We have the man power a/k/a brain power to build something individually stunning for all of our projects. This is why we do what we do.

A Few Recent Projects



In the Details

... Willie knows how to "tell the story" and his attention to detail in the editing room are unmatched. He really put in the extra effort in post production with the sound and lighting that blows away the competition... - Read More -

Ken Mirr | CEO - Mirr Ranch Group


... Watching his pieces rise up from a simple scratch pad to something that raises the hair on the back of your neck seems to be his forte. He creates depth, captivates, and adds life to everything he does. BOOM" - Read More -

Jared Souza | Co-Owner - Turkey Track Outfitters

All Smiles

I started working with Willie and his crew several years ago on a short commercial I wanted to show off my products to make the customers say “I have to have that!”… MAN, I was blown away… - Read More -

Tom Boehmer | CEO - Four Rivers Company, Inc.